If you're looking for a Pre-Owned Car in Darwin or Palmerston, there's never been a better time as a consumer. Thanks to the internet your options to find  a Pre-Owned Car are endless. There are a number of third party websites like Carsales or Gumtree that consolidate Pre-Owned Vehicle stock from both Car Dealers and Private sellers. There are even local Buy, Swap and Sell groups on Facebook that facilitate private to private buyers.

But despite all of these opportunities, one thing still remains. How do you know what you're getting?

We know the process of buying a Pre-Owned Car should be just the same as buying a New Car. That's why our vehicles undergo stringent safety checks and background checks because we only sell Quality Pre-Owned Cars.

All of our Pre-Owned Cars fall under one of the two programs below.

Where else would you buy a Pre-Owned Toyota?

Bridge Toyota Used Car Advantage Programs

Bridge Toyota Accredited Used Cars

Vehicles that do not qualify for Toyota's Certified program are covered by Bridge Toyota's Used Car Advantage which we've designed to give you true peace of mind when buying a Used Car.

With a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can buy with confidence.

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Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Cars

All Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles come with a full service history.  This helps to ensure the vehicle has been maintained to factory specifications.

Each Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle has a rigorous CarHistory® check, searching Australia's largest database of consumer and business credit records.

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What's my trade in worth?

When the time comes to trade-in your vehicle at Bridge Toyota in Darwin and Palmerston, often the very first question that's asked is what is my vehicle actually worth?  There are a lot of factors that contribute to the answer :

  • Make, Model & Grade of Your Trade-In
  • Odometer Reading
  • Condition of Your Vehicle (Upholstery, Paint & Panels, Tyres & Service History)
  • Used Vehicle Market

Luckily at Bridge Toyota we have staff members that have considerable experience in the valuation of vehicles.  Using their past experience, knowledge of the market and all the factors we mentioned above, they'll be able to put a price on your trade-in!

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Where else would you buy a Used Toyota?

We have a huge range of passenger, commercial and 4WD used stock. If you don't find what you're looking for on our website be sure to let us know because we have new stock coming in all the time. 

We are also a part of the A.P. Eagers Group, which gives us access to thousands of Used Cars across Australia.

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